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This page tells you the names of the all the chapters in

1:  The Environmental Technology Department's Most Menial Employee

2:  Life on Erith (That's not a misprint.)

3:  The First Day of the Rest of Frogmorton Culpepper's Life Begins

4:  A Message to Muridae

5:  Project Earth

6:  The Muridean Elite Squadron Strikes Back

7:  A Reversal of Fortune

8:  'Whump! There Goes Another Planet' (We nearly called the book this.)

9:  Rheingold

10: So That's What Happened to the Dinosaurs

11: Three Days to Save the World

12: Two Days to Save the World

13: The FBI Agent

14: The Ornamental Coal Scuttle Comes in Handy

15: No Time for Tea and Biscuits - We've Got to Save the World!

16: The M1 Northbound

17: The M6 Northbound

18: The Fuse Burns (We nicked this one from a chapter title in From Russia, with Love!)

19: Showdown at Jodrell Bank

20: How to Eliminate Alien Threat with a Well-known Book

21: Three Months Later

Sound interesting, don't they? Are we whetting your reading appetite?

(If not, clearly you're not easily pleased - you could go back try a different rhino.)


Frogmorton Culpepper Saves the World