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These are some of the aliens you will meet in Frogmorton Culpepper Save the World - for humans click here!

The rank of SpaceAdmiral sounds very fine on paper, but commissions in the Braakl’gian SpaceNavy are given out purely at random.


Kratol’s sense of his own importance has steadily grown over the years to a point where he now considers himself to be very important indeed.


The truth of the matter is that SpaceAdmiral Kratol is nothing more than a glorified janitor in the employ of an advanced civilisation known as The Source and has to sweep up the mess that they leave behind when experiments fail.


The only way that SpaceAdmiral Kratol can impose his superiority is to take everything out on his subordinate - SpaceTrooper (Fourth Class) Domr’k.  Of course, the fact that he travels the known universe laying waste to whole civilisations at the request of The Source also makes him feel pretty big and clever.

As noted, the Braakl'gian SpaceNavy is no meritocracy and SpaceTrooper Domr'k is clearly more intelligent than his superior officer.


Kratol and Domr’k’s job of touring the Cosmos laying waste to civilisation after civilisation is starting to dissatisfy Domr’k and he starts to question the validity of what they are doing.  However, SpaceAdmiral Kratol soon reminds him that he is ‘not paid to think’. Domr’k’s wish is that some day a civilisation will prove itself to be worthy of saving.


The little known planet of Muridae had the misfortune of meeting with SpaceAdmiral Kratol and the StarDestroyer Blagn’k and as the result of a simple error was blasted out of existence.


Squadron Leader Fligg of the Muridaen Space Defence Corps had already left the planet to intercept the StarDestroyer Blagn’k and vowed to track the alien invader down and destroy their home planet in revenge.


Fligg’s intense sense of duty coupled with the fact that he no longer had a planet to return to only serve to fuel his determination for terrible retribution.


The Source has been in existence long before what we regard as the Universe was created with the Big Bang or, as The Source called it, the Medium-sized Pop. They, The Source, have evolved over the millennia into a single entity embracing the whole of their civilisation whilst, somehow, retaining the individuality of each constituent part.  A hard concept for us to grasp - agreed.


In an effort to understand their -well, their source - The Source has set up countless evolutionary projects on planets throughout the Universe to see if any life forms develop into carbon copies of themselves.  If an experiment fails for any reason, The Source sends in one of its millions of StarDestroyers to eradicate all life on the failed planet so that they can start the process all over again.


The Source is fairly patient, wouldn’t you agree?


Fligg's superior who doesn’t respond well to threats of alien invasion


They are alien, ant-like and dwell on the land of the planet Erith, and at least one reader's favourite characters in the book, apparently.